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MCC’s Statement on Racism in America

As we mourn the loss of the countless George Floyd’s of America, Muslims here in Charlotte and around the globe say loud and clear; Black Lives Matter! The plague of white supremacy has been the cause of murder and oppression terrorizing much of the world for many centuries. America was built on systemic racism which is prevalent until this day. As a diverse society, we all must first educate ourselves through reading books and listening to the oppressed. Then it becomes our duty to follow that up with substantial transformative behavior, policy and reparations.
The Holy Quran guides us to the best understanding of humanity:


“God has truly honored all of humanity...” (17:70)

“The differences in skin color and language are God’s signs for those who know” (30:22)

“God has created you all from a male and female and made you into nations and tribes that you“ may come to know each other. Indeed the best among you in God’s view is the most pious among you and surely God knows and is Aware.” (49:13)

In the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad, we find a strong emphasis on this as well: 

“Whoever calls to tribalism or racism cannot be a true Muslim” (Abu Dawood 5121). 

“Leave tribalism and racism as it is filthy and putrid” (Bukhari 4905).


In his farewell sermon months before he passed, he said in front of a crowd of thousands on the Hajj pilgrimage...

“People... Truly your Lord is One and your father is One. Let it be known that there is no superiority of an Arab over a non-Arab or vice versa nor a white over a black or vice versa except by piety. Truly the best among you to God are the most pious. Have I not communicated this message to you? They replied, Yes you have. The prophet then replied, “Then let all of those present convey this message to those who are absent.” (Targheeb 2964)


Islamic Law calls us to obey the law of the land and protect private property. We must all understand the basis of the outrage and protest and diligently respond with real change. We call upon all governmental and educational institutions to realize that the status quo cannot be maintained simply because it normalizes oppression.

“God does not love the oppressors” (3:57)

“God has destroyed nations before you because of their oppression” (10:13)


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